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Cessna Citation x

International Aircraft Brokers Presents a Citation X for Charter.The Citation X is the fastest fully certified civilian aircraft in the sky, cruising just shy of the sound barrier at Mach .92. To date, Citation Xs have flown the equivalent of four trips to the sun. They've taken off and landed approximately 1 million times. And every day, their average duration in the air is the highest in the entire Citation fleet. Clearly, the X has earned its distinction as one of business aviation's busiest, best and all-time favorite aircraft.


  • Cruise Speed Mach .92 (525 knots)
  • Range of over 3,000 NM
  • Seating up to 12

Aircraft are avialable for Charter anywhere United States and Cananda, with services to other countries.  Please Contact Us Today For a Quote


Aircraft that are not directly operated by International Aircraft Brokers, LLC are operated by other air carriers who are also licensed and certified by the FAA and US DOT. International Aircraft Brokers, LLC does not own, lease or operate these aircraft but acts as a marketing/booking agent for those aircraft for its corporate clients and leisure travelers. Transportation booked through International Aircraft Brokers for travel on aircraft will be arranged through the interaction of International Aircraft Brokers on behalf of its client(s) and the operator of the specific aircraft.

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